life is too short to not have a music manager.


We manage your career as an artist and we are always looking for better opportunities for you. We also help you with applications  and take care of all the bureaucracy you need!


Portugal and Worldwide

We promote your concerts and shows in Portugal and abroad.

EPK and Graphic Design

We develop tailor made press kits so that you can create your identity as a musician. We also help you to write your bio so you can tell your story in an original way!


Social media management, website & personal branding. Nowadays, a good career management also involves a good digital strategy that helps you to promote and position yourself as an artist!


We’re here to make your work known and make music reach even further… and that’s why we do press consultancy to support all your releases! It is essential to bet on communication so that your music reaches the right people!



Mike helps you with music recordings, mix and master. And if you need a sound technician for your show or a technical rider, we can do it too!

– video –

Machine helps you to tell your story you want to on your music video. He is our film director… and we guarantee you will always be satisfied!

– photography –

Nuno Conceição is here to capture that special moment at your concert, take that beautiful photo for the cover of your album… photography and aesthetic sense is his thing!


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