it’s all about music…

…that’s how Mary Groove is born. We are music lovers! We are groove ambassadors!
Our aim is to make good music reach even further, always supporting emerging artists.

We manage your career and promote your concerts and shows. We also support you with the resources you need to realize your full potential as an artist, through services such as audio-visual production, promotion and press so that you can continue to inspire us with your music!

We are gutsy, disruptive, dynamic… and we believe that music can change the world!

You have a goal, let’s achieve it together!

meet the team

mariana campo

// founder & music manager

Mariana Campo aka Mary Groove, is from Porto, marketeer and music manager. Since a very early age, music has been part of this young woman from Porto. At the age of 6, she joined a music school where she had classical lessons and attended to some years of piano, a few years later she started as a dj in bars in the city, which she continued in Lisbon when she moved to. She grew up listening to jazz, but it was in soul and funk that she found himself. Music lovers in all formats, she is an unconditional fan of Black Music.

Within the universe of black music, she has a very particular approach to Jazz Funk. She loves to travel always in search of more good music, and it is undoubtedly in London that she feels like a fish in water and where she charges her musical batteries. Enthusiasm and Groove are the words that best describe her. In addition to dj and music manager, she founded the following projects: Afro Groove Collective (Afrobeat/Afrofunk band) and Noites Com Groove (living room concerts). She is currently radio host at Lusophonica Web Radio where she has the monthly show
Into The Groove.

What she does: create projects
Musical genres: Jazz Funk, Neo Soul and Afrobeat
She likes: photography, vintage markets and taking care of plants
Fun facts: she likes to eat yogurt with coffee spoons

inês vh pérez

// design 

What she does: creates and designs visual narratives 
Musical genres: Electronic, R&B, Pop, Classical Music
She likes: To travel, to read about design and to walk around the city
Fun facts: She doesn’t need to sleep more than 5 hours

mike simões

// audio engineer

What he does: music recordings, mix, master and music production.
Musical genre: good music!
He likes: walk, travel and work with wood
Fun facts: he has a 12 cm beard

nuno conceição

// photograhy

What he does: always looking for the right photo
Musical genres: Rock, Post-punk, industrial
He likes to: walking on the rain, watching movies, reading, listening to loud music and videogames
Fun facts: he only wears black

pedro diniz aka machine

// video

What he does: Hip Hop Beat Maker, Camera Operator, Video Editing and Perchista.
Musical genre: everything as long as it’s good music
He likes to:  drink gin and tonic with lemon and eat barnacles
Fun facts: 1L of gin is never enough!

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