bossa & morna

Brasil / Cabo verde / Portugal

Bossa & Morna is the transatlantic journey between Portugal, Brazil and Cape Verde, it is the union and celebration of the Portuguese language in its different accents and rhythms separated by the grandiose Atlantic. Ivo Dias, son of Brazilian parents and Diogo Caetano, son of Portuguese parents, give voice to the album “Encontros”. Accompanied by the warm sound of guitars and cavaquinhos, the rhythmic matrix of Iúri Oliveira, of Angolan origins, is added, bringing all the pulse of coladera, morna, Cuban rumba, obatala and semba to the samba. With authored composition and lyrics and with the single “Porí”, Bossa & Morna present a contagious sound sung by three voices that leave no one indifferent. The entire album is a journey, a story of sharing everyday life, epics, joys and sorrows. The theme “Diz-me” is the ode à morna, sung in Portuguese and with the choro of the traditional Cape Verdean cavaquinho.

With five years of work together, BOSSA & MORNA present for the first time an author’s editing project, originals created at the right time of a gestation, full of dedication, respect for the origins and with a lot of love.


encontros, 2021

The album “Encontros” by Bossa & Morna is a reflection of the story of Ivo Dias, Diogo Caetano and Iúri Oliveira, the three musicians who make up the project. In addition to the individual musical history of each one, the sound that they all identify with is the human and resilient genesis that unites them. The “empty house” they decided to inhabit and create in it, without thinking about mainstreams, what others will think, or another factor, a transatlantic bridge between the Portuguese-speaking countries.

This album, solely produced, edited and recorded by the three elements of the band, is an edition by the author and a proof of resilience, that in strange times and confinement, it is possible, with great will and sacrifice, to do what is best. What he likes. The entire gestation of this work was done with due time and care, with a right dose of rhythm and voice, with fresh and conscious lyrics and with a taste of sand, travel and Portuguese speaking.

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