jeff lennon

Soul / Funk / Disco / Rare Grooves / Boogie / Hip Hop

In his first immersion in the universe of urban culture in 1987, Jeff Lennon discovers his first passion, the Hip-Hop movement, where he expresses himself through the art of graffiti. The sprays and abandoned lands in Paris were quickly replaced by a set of turntables and a mixing console in 1989, where a huge interest in beat-juggling and scratch grows. Among many meetings at Zulu Nation parties and digging sessions in Parisian stores at the time, two of these meetings marked his life and his musical universe in the early 90s; Romain Dalmasso aka Lord Funk (USA Music Paris, A1 Records NYC, BoogieButt Records) and DJ LC (Légitime Processus, Sound Record, Urban Music, Parisian Soul).

Friends who have become inseparable until today, the first one gave him access to his Rare Groove encyclopedia, opening musical horizons far beyond the obvious, while the second encouraged him to develop his scratch technique and music production. With his first sampler in 1995, Jeff began producing various rappers and R&B and Ragga singers until he founded the label Kreatic Records in 1999 with DJ LC. After 15 years of producing and editing a catalog with more than twenty records, he left Paris for Zurich in 2007 and finally arrived in Lisbon in 2009. Since then, always between trips, Jeff has always been looking for “pearls” on vinyl in the four corners of the world… This is one of the differentiating factors of his wide and eclectic collection of records that he loves to share on the plates of various clubs worldwide and online events.

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