Afro / Eletrónica

Long time ago there has been a rumor that all the great stars of music are beings from outer space. From John Coltrane to Michael Jackson, from Stevie Wonder to Flying Lotus, from James Brown to George Clinton or from Bob Marley to Fela Kuti. The Makafula come to prove this theory based on scientific knowledge acquired by themselves in their interstellar travels. After all, the Makafula come from that same planet, where all these mythical characters came from, the Planet BlackSoul. Renegades for wanting to spread the word about this top secret story, Makafula took refuge on Planet Earth, and since then they have been spreading rhythms and cadences on the dance floors. Whenever your foot can’t resist the knock, it’s a sign that the extraterrestrial force is present among us. There is no scientific explanation on Earth for this involuntary phenomenon caused in humans. Relax… The Makafula assume without fear that they don’t want the invasion, they are only here to spread good vibes.

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