rádio safari

DJ Tiago Tocha + DJ Octávio Salles

Rádio Safari is a fusion between deejaying and elements of percussion and saxophone. Dj Tiago Tocha is a musician and percussionist, born in Lisbon. He lived in Brazil for about 20 years, and brings in his baggage a great cultural diversity. He took part in several percussion projects, as a teacher and musician, held concerts and workshops in Europe and Latin and Central America. His work as a dj and percussionist comes from the fusion of Afro- Brazilian percussion and the world influenced by electronic music.

Octávio Salles is a multi-instrumentalist musician born in São Paulo, Brazil. In his career as a musician, he participated in several projects and presentations at independent events and festivals in Latin America and Europe. His musical approach moves between experimentalism and the search to absorb textures and timbres from the environments that surround him.

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