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Rubera Roots Band was born in 2012 and is a project that aims to share a positive and spiritual vibe through its music. Already well established in Portugal and in some countries in Africa (Cape Verde, Angola), in 2014 they edited the album “Militância Rastafari”, recorded and mixed at Rubera Records Studio. Rubera Roots performed “Militanti Roots” in several cities and locations in Portugal and Spain, culminating 2016 with a special invitation to perform on Showcase Stage Rototom Sunsplash as the first Cape Verdean band to bring Creole Roots Reggae to Rototom SunSplash in Benicassim .

Since 2017, the band has performed in Cape Verde, where they performed in various festivals on the various islands, such as the Gamboa Festival (Santiago), the Santa Maria Festival (Sal), the MornaJazz Festival (São Vicente). They have also performed at the Musa de Cascais Festival, at the Glória ao Rock Festival (PT), at the One Love Reggae Festival (United Kingdom), at the Massive Reggae Festival (Luxembourg) and for the second consecutive year at the Lion Stage of Rototom Sunsplash (Spain) . They also stepped on several stages in Europe in cities such as Luxembourg, Bristol, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Cologne, Badajoz, Malaga, Vigo, Braga, Oporto, Lisbon, Évora, and many more. And they shared stages with internationally recognized bands such as Black Omolo, Systa Awa Fall, Lioness Fonts, Bongo Kanny and Likle Mystic and were also special guests including the Honorable Ras Damula.


militância rastafari, 2014

“Militância Rastafari” is the first album of Rubera Roots that brings a message of militancy, awareness, vibration and reflection in a positive frequency, and which proposes a reunion with the most African roots. The album has 10 tracks, was recorded and mixed at Rubera Records studios, by Ras M & Ras Kamarada, and also features the honorable Dodas Spencer, (mastered at MacLes Music Factory and co-produced by Cassey Hermit). “Militância Rastafari” also features Rodrigo Bispo (trombone) and Luís Pena (trumpet) adding a strong energy and vibrancy to the themes “Militanti Roots” and “Konsiensia”. Tuff Lion, from the British Virgin Islands, was also one of the guests who participated in the theme “Larga Tudu bu bem” so enriched by its harmonies and a majestic electric guitar solo adding even more positive energy, more love and spirituality to the theme. For Rubera Roots band all the featurings are a reason for Honor, Privilege, Respect, Love and Humility… Rubera is a Creole concept of simple and humble experience.
Jah Rastafar-I

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