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Growing up in Northern Alberta Canada with a great-grandfather who played the banjo and fiddle, Tammy was already singing at the tender age of three. She dedicated her first album, Legacy, to her late Mother. In June 2005 she released her debut album, which was internationally received and led to appearances on national and international TV and radio, as well as gigs at the Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver Jazz Festivals and venues all over Europe. Now based in the UK, Tammy has been heard on Radio stations across the country, including Jamie Cullum’s show on BBC Radio 2, Jenni Murray’s Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 and Robert Elms BBC Radio London to name but a few. In 2010 she was nominated for London Jazz Vocalist of the Year and she had the pleasure of meeting Her Majesty the Queen.

Her most recent album, “Where I Need to Be”, was released to a sold-out crowd at the legendary Ronnie Scotts jazz club, features collaborations with Grammy Award winner Terry Britten (Tina Turner), Tim Fraser (Lulu), and Tom Cawley (Peter Gabriel). The second track on the album, “Everyone but Me” was covered by Erin Boheme (album produced by Michael Bublé) and was released in America in 2017.  American Idol finalist Scott MacIntyre recorded a version of her song ‘Safe in my Arms’ which was also released in America in 2014.

She is currently in Lisbon, Portugal working on her newest project on one of Portugal’s finest Poets, Fernando Pessoa.


Tammy Weis celebrates Julie London

Tammy is a critically acclaimed Anglo-Canadian singer played on radio stations across the globe who appears regularly headlining in top venues all over the world and collaborating with the likes of Michael Bublé, Jamie Cullum, Bobby McFerrin and Randy Bachman. Her latest CD “Where I Need To Be”, features her excellent original music and co-written pieces with Grammy Award-winning producer Terry Britten and pianist Tom Cawley. Her song “Everyone But Me”, is included on an album produced by Michael Bublé. Tammy’s highly anticipated forthcoming album extends her musical vision around one of Portugal’s finest and most celebrated Poets, Fernando Pessoa.

 She performed at London Jazz Fest and she just sold out the London jazz club Ronnie Scott’s last 30thNovember. She turned her attention to vocal great Julie London noted for her languid demeanour and sensual voice which connoisseurs describe as husky, breathy and haunting. In days gone by “a voice for a smoke-filled room” was often the imagery.  London was able to convey the ecstatic heights of love and passion as well as mine the depths of sadness and isolation in every note and sentiment. 

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